shoot it, print it, shoot it again...

shoot it, print it, shoot it again...

i'm always trying to create something different, so I had these 13x19 prints sitting around my office from a magazine layout that i did last year.

i all so have this wicked cool 85mm 2.8 "tilt shift" or (pc) micro lens.

so i put the two together, meaning i photographed the prints (copy work).

using this micro lens allows you to get very close and have complete control over the amount of "tilt".

sometimes when you're on-site, and the pace is fast and hectic you don't have time whip out every gadget lens in your bag, so this a cool way to create something unique.

i even like the step down in quality that you get from doing this "copy work" it adds an element of grittiness to the image, high-rez digital can be too sharp, too smooth.

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